À What Do You Say To A Naked Elf? ✓ Download by ✓ Cheryl Sterling

This is one of the worst things I ve ever tried to read, with one of the most annoying heroines I ve ever encountered I m glad I only initially bought the used book to display in my weird book collection.
I read this as a joke don t worry.
I picked this book up at a Library used book sale Yes, I ll admit it I bought it ONLY because of the title It s really good so far I LOVED how the begining of it takes place in Walker, MICHIGAN Not far from me at all I used to work in Walker so I know exactly what she s talking about Such a page turner I spent many nights up way too late reading this I finished an hour or so ago SUCH a great ending A book about a sex toy seller seducing her elven lawyer who is defending her for a murder of a criminal bunny should have been a lotentertaining This was.
cute I picked it up because a co worker made fun of it and I thought the title was funny It had potential It did not live up to it It felt very much like the author was trying WAY too hard The heroine is supposed to be flippant and sassy She simply comes off as brash and annoying Sadly, what should be an endearing trait makes her very unlikable Both worlds seemed to take to each other far too easily Jane to the world of magic within a day, she was perfectly ok with this world where she can suddenly rip holes in walls and the elves to Earth things ie, the sex toys Jane sells as a second job and Earth lingerie The love interest spends too much time flipping back and forth I can t stand her No I want her Theirs is a relationship driven purely by physical desire there is very little to recommend

I LOVED this book, have reread it multiple times, and plan to reread itlater It s funny, very romantic, great well written dialogue and the steamy hotness parts are well written Great story line and World building, loved the characters The world is like a grownup Harry Potter.
Jane, female lead, reminds me of a grownup Pollyanna Pollyanna movie , always looking to make a bad situation better, always trying to help people, even if she puts herself at dire risk She consistently makes choices that are out of left field, irreverent, funny, good hearted and attempting to be helpful Her life choices may be off putting on Earth, but I suspect they may have deep, invisible, magical helpfulness in the Elf world Initially in the first few pages, she s understandably a little abrasive towards her kidnappers.
Charlie, ma ✓ What Do You Say To A Naked Elf? Ç I have read this book so many times I m surprised I haven t gotten a good reader badge lol I LOVE this book It s full of action, adventure, and love with surprises around every corner I started reading it again but stopped to read a few others, I knew it would be waiting for me to come back to it DNF I was really excited for this book It sounded wonderful and hilarious, but it was just so boring I couldn t get invested in any of the characters or the story The smut, which I skipped ahead to read just to see if there was a bright light on the horizon, was lackluster It was just majorly disappointing.
This book was better than I thought it would be I rather enjoyed it and thought that the characters and story were well created That is, until the end I felt that the ending was a bit rushed and too pat Everything came together in a way that, although not unexpected, seemed a little too perfect.
Drysdale Is A Secretary By Day, Sex Toy Saleswoman By Night, And Obsessed With Old TV Series Reruns In Her Spare Time It S A Routine, Boring Life Then Her Car Hits A Shape Shifter Elf Disguised As A Bunny, And Before She Knows It, She S Transported To The Magical World Of Lowth And Put On Trial For Vehicular ElficideIt S Not Anything Like What She S Watched On Law And Order Her Legal Council Is Half Fairy, Half Elf À What Do You Say To A Naked Elf? ✓ Download by ✓ Cheryl Sterling Charlie Whelphite, Who Spends Part Of His Time Trying To Decipher Jane Speak, And The Rest Of It Mourning The Loss Of His Nice, Comfortable Rut Self Conscious Of His Wings In A Wing Free Society, He Doesn T Need Them Vibrating Whenever She S Near A Dormant Side Of Jane Emerges She Soon Takes Charge Of Her Life, Dragging Charlie Along, As They Begin An Epic Journey Of Danger, Destiny And Mutual Attraction Lowth, Which Has An Agenda Of Its Own, Alternates Between Helping And Hindering Them On Their Trip Through Swamps, White Water Rapids And Encounters With A Homicidal ElfAs Jane And Charlie Confront Their Heritage And The Difference Between Their Worlds, The Answer Soon Emerges To The Question What Do You Say To A Naked Elf

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