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Heather Wells finally gets her happily ever after, but not before going through another ordeal at work.
With her wedding coming up and the new semester approaching, Heather has no time for anything to go wrong The Very Important Resident, aka a very wealthy prince that has moved into Heather s dorm is not making things any easier, either, but everything becomes infinitely worse when a girl is found dead in her dorm room.
Heather can t help but conduct her own investigation into the girl s death that view spoiler turns out to be murder by asphyxiation, that may or may not be linked to the prince and the secret parties he had been throwing at his suite or the information leaks to the university s newspaper hide spoiler OMG NEED BOOK NOW I m so glad we all don t have to wait another 5 years at least OneyearoneyearI can do this 3.
5 5I was a little underwhelmed by this conclusion I still love these books, but I kind of wantedI really love Heather and I wish there werebooks in the series I would definitely say books 12 are the strongest, but I still enjoyed all the books.
The Bride Wore Size 12 is one of the reasons I love Meg Cabot so much Her witty writing had me involved with the story from the very beginning, Meg has a great knack of making characters appear so realistic and real and she weaves the best romance and mystery in a story that you could ever ask for When I first started the Heather Wells series I remember not being the biggest fan Don t get me wrong I adored the book, but I didn t have a calendar made up and counting down the days until the next release This didn t happen until the third book I was really actually feeling really gutted when it was announced that the third book would be the final book What would I do without fun loving Heather around But I didn t have to despair for too long as twobooks were announced a × The Bride Wore Size 12 × Readof my reviews at Nick s Book Blog.
Ah Heather Wells I had such a fun time with you, Cooper and the gang at Fischer Hall I can t even tell you guys how much I just adore this cozy mystery series I ve been following it for years now and to finally have it end was quite the happy sad experience.
Heather has grown so much throughout this series She started off as a ditzy, naive girl in the first book, but she was so muchmature in The Bride Wore Size 12 She has lost her impulsive nature and has grown into a sensible woman who thought before making a decision I ve always loved Heather, but I think I might have loved her evenin this book Of course, no matter how sensible Heather was, there was always murders occuring around her She wouldn t be Heather Wells without them The secondary characters in The Bride Wore Size

I have enjoyed this series since the first moment we met Heather in Fischer Hall I looked forward to see how she and Cooper were going to ride of into the sunset at the end of the series And while I enjoyed this story because really, you can t have a final book without a death at Death Dorm , I missed some of the characters that we have grown to love No Jordan, her dad was missing, very little Magda and not enough Gavin These are characters who have always been a core to each book, so I was a bit bummed that was saw little to none of them.
I wished forfrom Cooper When he was in a scene, he stole it For a man who was of few words for the better part of 4 books, his mouth was spew ing all sorts of things at Heather.
especially his love for her.
It was a fun read, like the other books, but I wanted a bitfor the end More of Heather and Cooper planning the rest of their lives and Heather Wells is always on the ball, isn t she Ah well, as usual in this series this book is no exception Light, funny, entertaining There s no deep thinking, but it s not an empty head s read either There s a bit of balance.
You do catch yourself thinking about real things like, what do extremely successful people do when success does a big nose dive how do you carry about your daily business if you used to be on top of the world once but had to come down yep, it all depend on the person.
And Heather Wells is down to earth, your average girl, which makes it easy to relate to her and her adventurous life.
The only downside to this book is that I honestly expected muchaction, big surprises and one orshocking twists, which didn t really happen.
But i 2.
5 stars for the most part, I enjoyed this light entertaining mystery, but I almost gave up in disgust at two points at the very beginning, due to Heather s derisive attitude toward the very reasonable belief that it s inappropriate for a teenager to have a different sex partner every night and in the middle, when two characters deliver pro choice sermons to a woman who has just discovered she s pregnant It wasn t so much the fact that the characters held these views that bothered me it was the presumption that every reasonable person would share them.
This was definitely my favorite of the entire series and I am SO bummed that it s over now Heather and Cooper are adorable and I am going to miss them terribly Here s hoping Meg decides to delve back into this world again soon bc I need eee Wells Is Used To Having Her Cake And Eating It Too, But This Time Her Cake Just Might Be Cooked Her Wedding Cake, That IsWith Her Upcoming Nuptials To PI Cooper Cartwright Only Weeks Away, Heather S Already Stressed And When A Pretty Junior Turns Up Dead, Heather S Sure Things Can T Get Worse Until Every Student In The Dorm Where She Works Is A Possible Suspect, And Heather S Long Lost Mother Shows UpHeather Has No Time For A Tearful Mother And Bride [Meg Cabot] Ô The Bride Wore Size 12 [sword-and-sorcery PDF] read Online Ô Reunion She Has A Wedding To Pull Off And A Murder To Solve Instead Of Wedding Bells, She Might Be Hearing Wedding Bullets, But She S Determined To Bring The Bad Guys To Justice If It S The Last Thing She Does And This Time, It Just Might Be

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