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His London Home, John Stone Falls Out Of A Window To His Death A Financier And Arms Dealer, Stone Was A Man So Wealthy That He Was Able To Manipulate Markets, Industries, And Indeed Entire Countries And Continents Did He Jump, Was He Pushed, Or Was It Merely A Tragic Accident His Alluring And Enigmatic Widow Hires A Young Crime Reporter To Investigate The Story Moves Backward In Time From London In To Paris In And Finally To Venice In And The Attempts To Uncover The [ Pdf Stone's Fall º disabled-communities PDF ] by Iain Pears ã Truth Play Out Against The Backdrop Of The Evolution Of High Stakes International Finance, Europe S First Great Age Of Espionage, And The Start Of The Twentieth Century S Arms Race Stone S Fall Is A Tale Of Love And Frailty, As Much As It Is Of High Finance And Skulduggery The Mixture, Then, As Now, Is An Often Fatal Combination I grabbed this from the New books section from the library and then was stuck with it on a flight Upon my return and 200 pages in I was bored and wished I could abandon it but felt obligated at that point to just keep reading I don t mind long books but at 594 pages I do expect it to be decent reading Its current score on is 4.
5 5.
0 stars so apparently someone liked it The whole mystery noir isn t my typical reading genre so maybe that was its first strike but the story was so convoluted I just couldn t get into it Maybe that s why people liked itthey found genius in the complex, intricate story where I just saw fumbling and words for the sake of words A 2 star review from Gail Dohrmann wrote, Six hundred pages of plot machinations with every device used in popular fiction mistaken identity, disguises, overnight romance, fascinat Well, all you Iain Pears fans can relax he s written a terrific book again I say this as an Iain Pears fan who had to throw The Dream of Scipio against the wall with great force As in An Instance of the Fingerpost, Pears uses multiple narrators to tell the story of financier John Stone s death after a fall out a window The multiple narrators, in turn, narrate stories taking place in different eras, each illuminating the mystery at the heart of it all who killed John Stone, and why The story begins in 1953 Paris continues in 1909 London goes back to Paris, this time in 1890 continues in 1867 Venice and finally takes us back to London, 1909 Yes, I know sounds like a big mess, even so when you take into account that fact that one long section of the book has a a ripped from the headlines feel to it think Global Financia

The central question in Stone s Fall is fairly simple How and why did the powerful and extremely wealthy industrialist John Stone fall to his death from an opened window of his London home To find the answer to that question, the intriguing but rather slow moving story is told by three different narrators in three separate parts, London 1909, Paris 1890 and Venice 1869, and travels back in time to tell the story backwards, a narrative method I found particularly rewarding The three narrators, that perhaps could be a little distinctive are all in some way involved in a plot meticulously constructed and executed There is quite a few parallel stories to follow Global industrial and political intrigue, European financial power struggles, mysterious investigations, several romantic dalliances and murders covering a fair amount of time.
Stone s Fall is nei A quite decent historical thriller with lots of twists and turns, plot devices galore, red herrings, political machinations, high finances, boys own spying adventures, romance, betrayal, industrial espionage, the entente cordiale, naval warfare, anarchism and the evil that people do It is well written and researched and works backwards from a funeral in the 1950s, to London in 1909, Paris in 1890 and finally Venice in 1867 The starting point is the death of a wealthy industrialist and financier, John Stone, in 1909 The death takes place in unusual circumstances and it is unclear how and why he died the will also leaves a number of mysteries Stone s wife hires a journalist to look into it so the fun begins This is a decent historical thriller The twist at the end is nasty if you don t see it coming it seems from the reviews some did and some did not Most of the characters are

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