Ú Rise of the King (Companions Codex, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #26) × Download by è R.A. Salvatore

Another solid installment of the new old adventures of Drizzt and Companions.
The battles and skirmishes are always nice and choreographed, Salvatore has a real knack for describing swashbuckling adventures and I never get tired of his storytelling However, the overall feeling is the same I once experienced after the nth played hour of a very complex RPG game, when my characters abilities had already reached the highest level and I simply wandered around and around completing the secondary quests.
There was nothingto prove and little to discover I was simply content by being with my characters, even if all I got was a pale echo of past excitement.
On the other hand, after the forgettable Neverwinter books, I was very happy a More reviews and no fluff on the blog In this second book of the Companions Codex, we continue the story with the reincarnated Companions of the Hall, with a large war looming with Orcs again instigated by the Drow again.
Honestly while reading the first part of the book, I was pretty sure I had read this book before, so similar is the plot theme to the Thousand Orcs right down to the bickering of the goodly folk While in Realm time a century has passed, in real time it s only been some years since the previous Orc war and it feels like an old hat Personally, I also find it very irritating that given all the effort given in the previous saga into Orcs are people too , now the whole line of Obould and his dream of a real Orc kingdom is swept aside and the whole race is again evil because we re evil Sim I received a copy of this novel from Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review.
Rating 2.
5 stars.
I always look forward to the newest Drizzt novels After all, I love the world and the characters, especially Jarlaxle I ve read them since I was a girl, and they ve always been something I looked forward to every year But the latest novels in the saga have really been a mixed bag for me I get that there were changes in the Forgotten Realms setting that Salvatore had no control over, but I can t say that I am totally happy with how he chose to handle them I was not overly thrilled with bringing back the dead Companions of the Hall I honestly wanted Drizzt to move on and find other friends to have adventures with The reincarnation plot just seemed a little t ARC provided by Netgalley and Wizards for an honest review Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews knows that I have been involved with DD for 24 years and reading the novels for about the same amount of time I love fantasy novels and I count R A Salvatore as one of my top three authors of all time I grew up reading the Drizzt novels and I have read every book Bob has written except Echoes which I am working on so I think that I have what might be considered an educated opinion on the current novels Let s just get this out of the way The Sundering Novels for the most part were very meh the plot line was inconsistent and there was no real threads to link the novels so I am happy to move past them Night of the Hunter the prequel to this book was beyond Amazing, read my review of it to get how much I enjoyed it but it made me The first Drizzt novel came out in 1988, so I m only two years older than Drizzt I read my first Drizzt novel much later than that, somewhere around middle school or maybe my freshman year of high school At the time, it was the most high octane, intensely satisfying series I d ever read and I would literally read one late into the night until I couldn t keep my eyes open More than once, I woke up with a book over my face and I d pick up right where I left off I read those early novels so many times I still know the plots by heart.
Despite how much the Forgotten Realms has changed as a result of the Fourth Edition trying to remake everything and Fifth Edition now trying to revert many of those changes, Drizzt still feels the same He IS the same.
For a while, I thought the series Too often do people too greatly measure their lives by their goals, and, subsequently, by that which they consider accomplishments128 My Rating 5 stars Book Series Book 29 in the Legend of Drizzt series 30 books My Thoughts I have to admit I wasinterested in the events and dialogue exchanges that happened outside of battle than the ones that happened within Having read over 20 Drizzt books, I ve come to expect whatever side Drizzt is on to win, which unfortunately makes the battle scenes seem longer andtedious than what they actually are However, outside the battles, there were some pretty great scenes Kimmuriel and Jarlaxle had some tense back and forth dialogue, which I had been expecting from Kimmuriel for awhile Then there were some back and forth between Gromph and Kimmuriel, which was surprisingly witty and hilarious Then there s the dragon sisters who als The Second Book Of The Companions Codex, The Latest Series In The New York Times Best Selling Saga Of Dark Elf Drizzt Do Urden, RA Salvatore Picks Up With The Fan Favorite Storyline Of Dwarf King Bruenor Battlehammer And His Bloody Feud With The Orc Kingdom Of Many Ú Rise of the King (Companions Codex, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #26) × Download by è R.
Salvatore Arrows Ì Rise of the King (Companions Codex, #2; Legend of Drizzt, #26) â Rise of the King is the second in the Companion Codex This book was obviously meant to be the dark middle chapter of the series so I m assuming that this is a trilogy The book continues the story began in book one which was begun in the much longer series thator less ended with the first book of the Sundering All this taken into account, I can certainly understand why this book didn t quite meet the standard that the author, himself set The book has some high points, butor less the work which ends very much too soon Makes the reader harshly aware that there is a lot of story left to be told And while Mr.
Salvatore has his standard measure of exciting fight scenes and intrigue It is hard to say anything other than this middle book, was a good middle But taken only in the view of the entire work I would be hard pressed to say quite wh Salvatore s best since The Pirate King If, by some chance, you ve been bored enough to read all of my reviews of Salvatore novels, you know I ve been bothered by view spoiler the whole storyline involving the reincarnation of the Companions of the Hall hide spoiler The following review is based on the ARC received from NetGalley.
I am a big fan of Salvatore, unfortunately, this book brought a sense of deja vu to me that was hard to shake The universe has changed, the characters are the same with some improvements due to this being their second go round , but the story itself feels like it s been told before Regis isinteresting, but almost in a cliched way The way the drow have started and been successful is almost too simplistic and it seems like there will be a rushed conclusion that sorts everything out I m not thrilled with the story so far, but perhaps the third book will be an improvement.

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