[ Pdf Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder ✓ health PDF ] by Mary Wood Cornog À areyoubetteroff.co

A great system to build vocabulary.
It presents the words in a relatable way.
Still up to the reader to learn the words though.
Explains a method of learning vocabulary using roots.
Ideal Book For People Who Want To Increase Their Word Power
Focuses On More Than , Vocabulary Words And Introduces Nearly , More
Words Organized By Root For Effective Study
Quizzes To Test [ Pdf Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder ✓ health PDF ] by Mary Wood Cornog À Progress Among the books i bought for standardized tests preparation, i found this book most enjoyable!
The words presented in the books are not too faradvancedlike those you'll find them in GRE for example , but they are basic words you need to know before you pursue the GRE!
I love it.
My vocab bank has been boosted, significantly.
I should've read the back of the book before purchasing.

"Perfect for students preparing for standardized tests including SAT, ACT, and ESL tests such as TOEFL and TOEIC"

I think that adult native speakers of English (especially ones who are avid readers, like the population interested in this website.
) will not benefit tremendously from this book! It did help me learn many words, and better understand their roots.
It's nice that you learn some general culture too, as they provide usage examples and the history of the words.
I also learned to read pronunciation symbols, and some words' pronunciations came as a surprise to me, as English is not my native tongue.

If you are a romance language speaker, most words may be familiar, however the roots and the history of the words are interesting.

To make it most effective, do the quizzes and come up with a few examples that are relevant to you.
Merriam-Webster's Vocabulary Builder ↠´ This is a helpful, and could be the most helpful book ever in helping a nonnative English speaker like me cultivate the intuition about vocabulary.
Bible for second language learner.

I bought this book last November, it takes me about half a year to finish it! But I'm glad that I finally finished it.

It's worth the time reading this vocabulary builder.
You could learn a lot of mythology stories from the word origin and better memorize those difficult words.
It also has great quiz questions to help you consolidate the memory.
It's a shame that I have not met this book when I was in university.
Anyway, I recommend it for those who want to increase their vocabulary.
Ok, so reading the dictionary is not exactly fun, but I liked this vocabulary building dictionary.
I read it to help prep for the GRE, and I was pleased with the way that it lays out root words, words that fit with that root, and so forth.
It helped me relate certain words with each other, and it's always good to have an overview of common roots and word origins.

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