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Angola, Ndalu Is A Normal Twelve Year Old Boy In An Extraordinary Time And Place Like His Friends, He Enjoys Laughing At His Teachers, Avoiding Homework And Telling Tall Tales But Ndalu S Teachers Are Cuban, His Homework Assignments Include Writing Essays On The Role Of The Workers And Peasants, And The Tall Tales He And His Friends Tell Are About A Criminal Gang Called Empty Crate Which Specializes In Attacking Schools Ndalu Is Mystified By The Family Servant, Comrade Antonio, Who Thinks That Angola Worked Better When Trailer ä Bom dia camaradas PDF by ☆ Ondjaki It Was A Colony Of Portugal, And By His Aunt Dada, Who Lives In Portugal And Doesn T Know What A Ration Card Is In A Charming Voice That Is Completely original, Good Morning Comrades Tells The Story Of A Group Of Friends Who Create A Perfect Childhood In A Revolutionary Socialist Country Fighting A Bitter War But The World Is Changing Around These Children, And Like All Childhood S Ndalu S Cannot Last An Internationally Acclaimed Novel, Already Published In Half A Dozen Countries, Good Morning Comrades Is An Unforgettable Work Of Fiction By One Of Africa S Most Exciting Young Writers J h algum tempo que tinha curiosidade em ler algo de Ondjaki e na minha ltima ida biblioteca acabei por trazer este pequeno livro.
Infelizmente, e apesar de ter algumas expectativas, a hist ria n o me conquistou.
Gostei de ficar a conhecer um pouco mais sobre a vida em Angola, j ap s a sa da dos portugueses das diferen as entre os dois pa ses mas, em termos de hist ria, confesso que n o percebi qual era o objectivo do livro.
De qualquer modo, fica a vontade de ler mais do autor.
Vejam a minha opini o mais detalhada em v deo, AQUI.
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Do you feel nostalgia for a communist past that never existed Do you strongly miss your childhood even if it was lived in the midst of war Do you think that school days were the best days of your life even if you could barely stand getting up in the morning If this is your frame of mind, then there is no better book than Good Morning Comrades for you.
The debut novel of famous Angolan author, Ondjaki, Good Morning Comrades follows the daily life of Ndalu The schoolgoing boy lives with his middle class family and goes to a good school He and his friends are taught by Cuban teachers, who garner great respect because of their dedication to the revolution There is also a visiting aunt from Portugal, completely clueless in the ways of communism and Africa.
In many ways, the novel is lighthearted, depicting a portrait of life from the worldview of a child Though shortage and war are ever pr Good Morning Comradesis the delightful debut novel by Angolan author Ondjaki pen name for Ndalu de Almeida Published in 2001 in Portuguese and engagingly translated by Stephen Henighan 2008 , it launched Ondjaki s writing career that has brought him recognition and several international literary awards For this novel, which tells the coming of age story of Ndalu and his school friends, Ondjaki mined his own memories of childhood and experiences while growing up in Luanda the capital during the conflicting and difficult times of Angola s early years of independence Seeing the world through the eyes of a growing boy, daily life, however, is preoccupied with school, games, friends and family The parades, the power struggles between the regime and its opponents are noted but not understood and have little bearing on the

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