Trailer ¸ Die, Vol. 1 PDF by ¶ Kieron Gillen

The Wicked The Divine Writer Kieron Gillen Teams Up With Artist Supernova Stephanie Hans WicDiv, Journey Into Mystery For Her First Ongoing Comic Die Is A Pitch Black Fantasy Where A Group Of Forty Something Adults Have To Deal With The Returning, Unearthly Horror They Only Just Survived As Teenage Role Players If Kieron S In A Rush, He Describes It As Goth Jumanji , But That S Only The Tip Of Trailer ¸ Die, Vol.
1 PDF by ¶ Kieron Gillen This Obsidian IcebergCollects Issues Of Die This really is kind of a dull book, which is surprising given the beautiful art and the usually strong writing one would expect from Gillen The story follows a bunch of grown up losers who suddenly find themselves returned without explanation, really to the fantasy land they were once lost in as children, while playing a Dungeons and Dragons type game originally, there were 6, but only 5 found their way back and the sixth has now become the Grandmaster of this fantasy land and must be defeated, blah, blah, blah It s all pretty dour, and boring, and not very much fun, which is just about the exact opposite of what a book like this should be to grab readers The real draw here is the artwork by Stephanie H Six kids find themselves magically transported into a DD type board game Two years pass and only five kids return to the real world Twenty five years later, the five are transported back into the game only to find their missing sixth friend has become the evil grandmaster of the fantasy world and, this time, they must FINISH THE GAME Which means, uh they have tea and cakes and sing lovely songs about fish fingers I think it s meant to be menacing or something So Die is basically dark Jumanji if the game was just DD and mega boring Which could be a fun read with the right treatment but unfortunately Kieron Gillen s ain t it The characters are a grim and dull lot The world of the game is generic and depressing, which, coupled with the depressed charac

I feel like Gillen has dropped the ball here Die has a brilliantly simple premise that mixes Jumanji, IT and Lord of the Rings With Gillen s usual writing style, it should have been a fun ride with jaw dropping twists, sharp snappy dialogue and fantastic characters Instead, this series has been nothing but a depressing, over narrated slog There are too many characters and none of them are likeable or interesting The story is too complicated, and the world building is so over engineered and overthought that it really gets in the way of the actual story With each issue Die left meandconfused, frustrated and sad, and that s not what I m used to expect from Kieron Gillen comics the guy is one of my favourite writers, after all The only good thing to co This will be one of the best books of 2019, mark my words Gorgeous art, gripping story, awesome and relatable characters, perfect world building and a lot of fantasy pop culture references and jokes This book has everything.

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