Trailer ô Dangerous Families: Queer Writing on Surviving PDF by Ë Matt Bernstein Sycamore

Child abuse and neglect usually have lifelong impact on the children, who survive Some are getting help along the way to find a place to put the pain they have experienced in their childhood, while others continue to live with the pain and continue to suffer their whole life This book is unusual, because 29 queer persons have decided to tell their stories and how they have survived growing up queer in families, where they have experienced abuse This book can be useful for both therapists working with the population of victims of child abuse, but also for adults who have experienced abuse themselves.
Profesor Joav Merrick, MDDirector, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and Medical director I am a contributor to this volume My piece excepted, this collection includes a wide variety of examples of abuse physical, sexual, psychological The writers might identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender but their stories are universal Rather than being depressing, this book is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit I recommend it.
å Dangerous Families: Queer Writing on Surviving æ I ve never before read a book that contains such a wide variety of experiences, writing styles and outlooks This anthology does not shy from confronting the horrors of abusive families, as is evident from the first line in the book healing is my own anticolonial war But it s also incredibly inspiring for the ways that all of these children have survived to tell such wrenching stories in complex, jarring ways As a parent, it was difficult to get through many of the essays, but always I found an incredible burst of hope when I least expected it As a survivor of childhood abuse, I also could see my story being told in so many different ways Unlike most books that address childhood abuse, every story in this anthology is stylistically challenging, innovative, and carefully crafted I highly recommend it.
Survivors Piece Together The Clues To Discover Their Own Lives Dangerous Families Queer Writing On Surviving Goes Beyond The Recovery Narrative To Create A New Queer Literature Of Investigation, Exploration, And Transformation Twenty Six Stories Illuminate The Reality Of Growing Up In Fear, Struggling To Rebuild Lives Damaged By Sexual, Physical, And Or Emotional Abuse The Book Explores How Abuse Turns Queer Survivorsmale, Female, And Transgenderedinto Healers, Heartbreakers, And Homicidal Maniacs, Presenting Brilliant Stories That Sear And Soar Dangerous Families Queer Writing On Surviving Trailer ô Dangerous Families: Queer Writing on Surviving PDF by Ë Matt Bernstein Sycamore Addresses All Forms Of Abuse Head On, Representing A Cross Section Of Queer Survivors In Terms Of Race, Class, Ethnicity, Education, Origin, Sexuality, And Gender Contributors Use Their Own Life Experiences To Create A Book That Takes Back Control From Well Meaning Outsiders, As They Recount The Daily Struggle To Overcome The Damage Done To Their Minds, Bodies, And Spirits In A World That Denies Their Gender, Sexual, And Social Identities From The Editor Dangerous Families Consists Entirely Of Writing By Survivors Of Childhood Abuse That S Rightno Therapists Analyzing Our Plight, No Talk Show Hosts Exploiting Usjust Survivors, Exploring Our Complicated, Frightening, And Fulfilling Lives These Stories Dispense With The Usual Technique Of Carefully Massaging The Reader S Fragile Worldview Before Plunging This Unsuspecting Innocent Into A World Of Horror They Go Right To The Horror, The Beauty, And The Joy, Often Throwing The Reader Off Guard, Revealing Layers Of Meaning Before The Reader Can Step Back Dangerous Families Queer Writing On Surviving Is An Anthology OfTrue Stories Of Growing Up Queer In Families That Magnify The Horrors Of The Outside World Instead Of Offering Protection The Book Is An Essential read For Therapists, Caseworkers, Cultural Studies Specialists, And Anyone Struggling To Survive Childhood Abuse

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